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discount CROWN JEWEL Indian Genuine Free Shipping Bollywood Style Bridal Gold Plated Je Fashion

CROWN JEWEL Indian Bollywood Style Fashion Gold Plated Bridal Je


CROWN JEWEL Indian Bollywood Style Fashion Gold Plated Bridal Je


Product description

From the collection of Crown Jewel, This Designer Exquisite Gold Plated Bollywood Jewelry set consists of a Necklace, Mang tikka and a pair of Earrings secured with post-and-back closure.
Gold-Plated finish necklace encrusted with crystal amp; Diamond stones, has an intricately designed choker metal ensemble, secured with an adjustable drawstring fastening.

Additional information:
Package includes: necklace / earrings / headpiece (mang tikka)
Packing: 1 necklace + 1 mang tikka + earrings (1 pair)

Please note:
This product is contained in a Transparent Jewelry Plastic Box, keep safe.
You place the product in the box supplied with it or a PVC plastic bag, seal it, to prevent moisture and oxidation.

Jewelry Care:
Never allow your Jewelry to come in contact with harsh chemicals, oils, nor spray perfumes directly on them.
This will cause the Jewelry to fade, discolour, or even ruin them completely. And we wouldn’t want that!

CROWN JEWEL Indian Bollywood Style Fashion Gold Plated Bridal Je

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For the full functioning of various institutions of the health system, regardless of the profile of activity, form of ownership, scale, medical equipment are needed. Ukraine has its own manufacturer of high-quality medical equipment that meets modern international standards. This is a factory located in Kyiv, part of the "Zavet".

The use of medical equipment

Medical equipment is the collective name for technical equipment used in medicine and healthcare. Different types of medical equipment are used for:

  • disease prevention;
  • studies of the activity of the heart and brain, respiration, blood pressure, blood and other physiological fluids, tissue samples;
  • diagnosis of various diseases, including at an early stage when there are no clinical symptoms, monitoring the dynamics of the disease, the effectiveness of treatment;
  • conducting medical procedures and manipulations;
  • the implementation of surgical interventions;
  • implementation of resuscitation measures;
  • maintaining vital functions in case of loss, failure of individual organs during the patient’s stay in a coma, search for a donor organ, preparation for transplantation;
  • effective rehabilitation of patients after an illness, surgery;
  • disinfection and sterilization;
  • medical waste disposal;
  • facilitate patient care.

Medical equipment is divided into several functional groups. Tools that are used to carry out manipulations, procedures can be manual (driven by muscle force) or be part of the apparatus as a replaceable working body. Instruments are devices that are used for research and diagnostic purposes, and they provide accurate information about the state of the body. Medical devices are several groups of devices:

  • devices for physiotherapy - generate different types of energy to provide a therapeutic effect on the body;
  • devices temporarily performing the functions of certain organs, systems;
  • apparatuses, which include instruments for mechanical action on organs.

Equipment is a wide concept, it is the general name of technical devices that allow you to create the necessary conditions for treatment, diagnosis, patient care, to mechanize or automate labor-intensive processes. Also, medical equipment includes consumables, spare parts and accessories that are necessary for its operation. These are batteries for portable diagnostic devices, apparatus for physiotherapy, X-ray film, tens for water distiller and much more.

Varieties of medical equipment

Medical equipment is classified by application. The following equipment groups are distinguished:

  • for functional diagnostics - ultrasound, MRI, cardiographs, electromyographs, spirographs, medical thermal imagers, X-ray, radiological devices and much more, including computer diagnostic systems, bedside monitors;
  • for life support - mechanical ventilation apparatus, artificial pneumothorax, hemodialysis, infusion pumps;
  • laboratory - to automate the performance of laboratory tests;
  • therapeutic - inhalers, devices for electrophoresis, ultrasound, shock wave, laser, magnetic and other types of physiotherapy;
  • surgical - laser and electrosurgical devices, aspirators, operating tables, lamps, ceiling consoles to accommodate all the necessary equipment during the operation;
  • resuscitation, anesthesia-resuscitation - defibrillators, mechanical ventilation;
  • for transportation of patients - wheelchairs, transfers;
  • to call medical personnel - ward alarm systems;
  • rehabilitation - exhaust tables, devices for the passive development of limbs, wheelchairs, medical beds, walkers;
  • for ambulance - loading devices, stretchers, portable aspirators, oxygen concentrators, breathing bags, immobilization tires, head holders.

For disinfection and sterilization, ultraviolet cameras, recirculators, water distillers, air sterilizers, irradiators for air and water, which can be wall, ceiling, mobile, are used. Also, equipment for the needs of medicine includes utilizers, cremators.

The division of medical equipment is accepted not only into diagnostic, therapeutic, surgical, resuscitation, etc., but also by the branches of medicine. Some technical means can be applied in different fields. So, laboratory tests, ultrasounds are prescribed for a variety of diseases. The list of indications for physiotherapy is also wide. But they also distinguish highly specialized equipment. For example, neonatological - this category includes incubators, irradiators for heating infants, treatment of neonatal jaundice, changing tables and functional beds. Gynecological equipment (gynecological chairs), cardiological (pacemakers), urological (rectoscopes), and cosmetology (lymphatic drainage devices) are also distinguished.

Buy medical equipment in Kyiv and Ukraine

The manufacturing factory "Zavet" produces a wide range of medical equipment, appliances, furniture. A company with 19 years of experience is today the leading manufacturer and supplier of these products in Ukraine. In the catalog of the Zavet store, in addition to products of own production, medical products of other manufacturers of world renown are presented. Prices are affordable; this can be seen by examining our price list. All products are of high quality, a guarantee is provided, and after-sales service is carried out. Delivery from a warehouse in Kyiv to Zaporozhye, Kharkov, Odessa, Vinnitsa, Kherson, Poltava, Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk, Cherkasy, and Nikolayev is possible.